MedPredictor is a unique device that collects data from each astronaut in advance of the journey to establish each astronauts’ healthy threshold. D.N.A., samples of blood, urine, body temperature, blood pressure, heartbeat, height, and weight are input to the device among other medical information and history for each future astronaut. After device establishes the baseline of all astronauts, MedPredictor is ready to be transferred to the spaceship. Each astronaut would require daily to undergo a quick checkup by the MedPredictor. The device would analyze any differences between the baseline that was established during the preparation stage and current condition of an astronaut. In case, if no difference is found by MedPredictor, that astronaut is healthy. If, MedPredictor determines a change in the heath condition of an astronaut, it would let know what kind of medicine, how often and when this astronaut would have to take it to stay healthy.

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