Yes, I know the name is funny but this invention has a great purpose. The Fiddler is a small object that you can play with. About 47% of Americans deal with stress.It was made so that it can relieve stress,tension, or just plain boredom. The Fiddler is the size of your palm and comes with little accessories for you to play, or in this case, fiddle with. The structure consists of a cube which seems to be placed on top of a wing like feature that spins. On the cube, it comes with a space to rest your finger or thumb, three buttons that each time you press one, the other one pops up, tiny balls in a small square space to rub your thumb on, a tiny switch to flip, and on the top and bottom of the object is two circles to place your index finger and thumb in order to spin the wing like feature that is around the object. The original model will be made out a hard plastic, the accessories will vary in materials like metal, and so will the colors.

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