Toothbrush-S The Toothbrush-S is a 3D printable object that can work as multiple things such as a toothbrush, floss holder, toothpaste holder, and toothpaste dispenser. To dispense the toothpaste directly onto the brush you have to open the front door and insert your tiny bottle of toothpaste onto the tube the protrudes out of the top of the inside of the compartment. Then you squeeze the tube of toothpaste onto the bristles. On the side of the Toothbrush-S is two little pegs where you put your floss into. The floss and toothpaste would have to brought onto the spaceship as they can not be produced by the 3D printer. The tube would have to be printed separate then the toothbrush itself. Also, the front door would have to be printed separately. Both the tube and door would have to be assembled onto the toothbrush frame after they are all printed. After that you would just have to add the toothpaste and floss onto the Toothbrush-S. ABS plastic would be used to produce this.

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