The astronauts going to Mars in the near future will not just face physical medical challenges, but they will also face mental medical challenges. My product is the best of both worlds. My product is the RoboGuinea, a revolutionary medical marvel. Let's start with the physical aspect. The RoboGuinea can track eating habits of an astronaut as well as tracking the blood pressure, height, mass, and glucose level of the astronaut. The robot will send this data back to NASA on Earth. Let’s go the mental side. The RoboGuinea can track the mood of an astronaut and (if needed) play with the astronaut to make him/her have a better time. My product will be made of aluminium for the external skin (it is strong and light) and a silicon secondary skin (flexible and strong). The astronauts won’t need to assemble the RoboGuinea on Mars. One side effect of this is that it can’t be used for anything else than what it was supposed to do. To sum it up, the RoboGuinea is a product that has many uses.

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