This machine is an inhaler in which an astronaut can breathe air if they have asthma and cannot breathe properly. The plastic will be a non-flexible ABS plastic because it cannot bend and if they does, it’ll break. The inhaler is used when an asthmatic astronaut is inside their shuttle on Mars only. The astronaut will need to insert the inhaler liquid into the tube at the top, push down, and the fluid turns to gas and goes into the astronaut’s mouth while inhaling the required quantity of pumps they’re prescribed.The one inhaler fluid pack is equal to two hundred pumps. This will be useful in space because some of the astronauts will have asthma and they will need to breathe, but they can’t because they won’t have air to breathe on Mars. The inhaler will be created when needed and will help many astronauts with health problems. Some Research says that prescription medicine is not allowed, but with the inhaler, astronauts with asthma can go to space just bringing one inhaler fluid pack.

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