The AXKB (Adjustable Expanding Knee Brace) helps astronauts heal while working on the Mars mission. The AXKB prints using ABS plastic filament within a 6 inch cube and telescopes, using three threaded sections, to be the size of a normal leg brace. The three sections can be adjusted, using the threads, to fit the length of the astronauts leg. Each section also has an adjustment bolt that can adjust the brace to the width of the astronauts leg. Once properly sized, the astronauts leg cannot move inside the brace, allowing the leg to heal. By clamping onto the astronauts leg, the AXKB also keeps pressure off the knee and surrounding areas which allows the astronauts to walk without trouble. The advantage the AXKB has over a normal brace is that it starts small and telescopes out to fit the astronauts leg, saving storage space, and it can fit both large and small legs, saving the need for multiple sizes.

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