My stitches design is used for closing wounds that can become too big or needs to be closed immediately. You will need to go into the 3D view in order for this to work. The lines in the tan are holes that separate the lines of the stitches. The J in my design is the part that will be used to put the stitches in. This will be life saving if one of the crew has an injury that requires closing such as a huge gash caused by shrapnel or an accident in the shelter they are using. It is a commonly used tool in the medical field. Many people have gotten stitches in their lives because of common injuries such as getting cut on a nail. The J will be made out of metal, the wire will be made out of nylon plastic and the part in the middle will be made out of metal as well. In the rocket they can use it but they will have to tie the doctor and the patient down to use it just to be safe. It is a wound up fabric around something that holder it along with a needle to insert it into the skin.

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