My tool is a resistance band used for muscle maintenance. With little to no gravity you could work out using your own strength in combination with this versatile band to maintain muscle strength. This band can train most of your muscle groups. The band can be used alone or slid through the gap in the rings acting as handles for your feet and hands for additional exercises. It also helps with boredom, team building, sleeping problems, and injuries. You can use it for recreation, such as tug of war or a 3 man slingshot. Other uses include a sleeping mask so the astronauts can avoid unwanted light, and finally you can use it as a tourniquet in a dire situation. Because this resistance band with rings is so simple yet useful there can be more uses but it depends on the user's creativity. I would like for it to be printed with a Multi material 3D printer, so the rings can be printed with metal or a hard resin and the band printed with a stretchy, rubberized filament such as TPE or TPU.

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