The stress ball is a sphere with three paraboloids on it’s sides. The three paraboloids on it’s sides will make it easier to grab onto and hold onto in space. It will be helpful to the astronauts because it will make them feel better from doing all the hard job’s in space. Some of the math that an astronaut uses are college algebra, linear algebra, calculus 1, 2, 3, and more. After using all that math, an astronaut could squeeze a stress ball to ease the stress and make themselves feel better.This stress ball will be printed out of lay fomm or any other printable foam. Squeezing the the stress ball also helps taking your mind off of things and it also helps pass the time. Or maybe when an astronaut feels frustrated or angry, they could squeeze the stress ball to calm themselves down. Astronauts might even be able to squeeze the stress ball if they ever feel scared or worried. Squeezing the device can also make the astronauts calm during a situation. Delete brown hook.

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