My product that can be used on the trip to Mars that can lighten the initial load is a pillbox. This pillbox will use plastic with seven individual boxes for the seven days of the week. It is easy to use and is very effective when you are trying to organize the pills for each day. Living and working in space wares down your bones and muscles, so if you have medications to slow down that process, you can put them in the new pill box you just received. The scientists can 3D print the box up in space and the scientists will only have to deal with the individual pill bottles once. Using the pillbox is a simple process. You simply open up the flap of the box and place the pills for that day in the labeled sections. This pillbox will be a great help, and will lighten the load just a little bit more. If the scientists at NASA decide to use my design, I will be elated, and they will have made a decision that they will never regret. Just remember, it’s better than the bottles!

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