A blood pressure cuff would be very useful in space. High blood pressure can lead to a stroke or heart failure. These serious medical issues are difficult enough to treat on Earth, let alone in space. From a scientific standpoint, it would also be interesting to study the impact that long term zero gravity has on human blood pressure. The way the blood pressure cuff works is that you put the strap around your finger and you press on the control panel. The control panel would then give you a blood pressure reading. the astronauts would have the ability to monitor their blood pressure as a preventive tool to major medical issues. Research I have done shows that blood pressure cuffs come in different sizes, from babies, all the way up to adults. Their physical appearance can be described as a large circle and a small tube that goes to a pump. You then squeeze the pump and air flows into the large circle which gets tight around your finger to get a heartbeat..

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