In the United States, chronic wounds affect around 6.5 million people. The main use for this first aid box on the Mars Mission is to eliminate all the extra time you waste to find the right tools to heal an injury. It will help keep all the tools or materials you need for various injuries in one place. In addition, you can put things like wrap for sprains, gauze for covering open wounds, medical tape that holds the gauze or the wrap to the skin and band aids which are normally used for cuts and minor scrapes. There will also be alcohol to clean up wounds, hand sanitizers, and antibiotic creams. The medical tool box created is 6 by 6 inch with a lot of sections to keep the materials in an organized fashion, so tools of all shapes and sizes can fit. It has a lid with a red plus sign to symbolize its medical use. The rest of the box is colored grey. It is made up of Nylon or Polyamide , a strong, flexible, and durable plastic material that has proved reliable for 3D printing.

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