During the three year process that it takes to get to Mars there is a chance that astronauts could chip or knock out a tooth. Astronauts lose calcium in their bones and teeth because of microgravity. “Since the first days of people in space, there has been a connection between human spaceflight and dental care” (NASA). My mouth guard is made out of clear plastic. The mouth guard will be used to protect the astronauts teeth so they do not chip or break a tooth. The mouth guard will be molded to the astronaut’s mouth. The mouth guard will be made with a fluoride paste that is brought with them to help prevent cavities. The astronaut will clean the mouth guard by putting it in a small container shaped like a cylinder, seal the lid and start shaking it until all the food particles come out. The astronaut would take it off before they eat they would put it back on when they finish. There will be two sizes; a thinner one while in the spacecraft and a thicker one while outside the spacecraft.

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