The scissors are a multi-purpose cutting edge tool used in everyday space necessities. Instead of having to carry them around, they can be made with aluminum, tin filament or stainless steel when needed. Injuries sustained on a Mars mission could easily be fixed like splinters and small gashes. Because of their similarities to a Swiss Army knife, they have a needle that could be used with thread to stitch any wounds. As of now 151 skin problems and 26 infections were reported which could be helped by sterilization. The traditional scissors part could be used for cutting the string. With them being reprinted, they are assured to always be sterilized. With this, we could minimize the amount of bacterial disease or sickness. It would be more beneficial to use a clean rescued pair than a whole bunch of unneeded pairs that would take up more room or use an unclean, infection-causing set.These also have the use of opening space food and wrappers along with the use of medical supplies.

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