The Teeth Strengthener is a mechanism that is used to maintain and improve the strength of astronauts' teeth and jaw muscles. This is important because when entering space and reentering Earth's atmosphere in a spacecraft, astronauts must endure heavy forces that push against the body. Without strong and healthy teeth, astronauts' mouths and teeth may get damaged, and they will feel severe pain. The top and bottom surfaces of the Teeth Strengthener contains indents, so astronauts can comfortably place their molars on the mechanism. Also, it is designed to fit four teeth for each side of the mouth, so the Teeth Strengthener must be placed in the back of the mouth to provide stability. The Teeth Strengthener can be 3D printed using a hard rubber or similar filament, as the springs must be durable enough to revert to its original shape after being chewed on. Moreover, the Teeth Strengthener is very convenient due to its small size, and can also be chewed on whenever.

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