My product ‘The Glorified Gyre’ will spiral around all of its competition. My contraption expresses the change that occurs with certain substance or liquid, once intertwined with another common variable. Inflammation of specific germs, or the properties of unknown sicknesses and objects can be examined once combined with particular objects derived from Earth. With dual printing, this object will be made of fiberglass and polyester so it has as flexible structure. This invention is composed of a sharp edge at the peak of a cone, that is made with an opening at the top, that allows the entrance of whatever element you’d like to place in it. With its transparency around its base, the properties of how the components of the controlled variable affects it can be thoroughly examined. Once causing the two items to transfuse together by shaking it once placing the the cone back on top. This device can truly affect the observation of illnesses,blood,germs, or exotic items.

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