In space, there is no oxygen. This may be a problem for people with asthma, but if there is a machine that lets you breathe in medicine to help open your airways, then it wouldn’t be such a problem. The mask should fit around the mouth and nose snuggly so the medicine can easily enter the nose and mouth. This design is a semi-oval with an arch opening in the back for the nose and mouth. There are two small holes on each side of the nose so that the medicine is released after entering the nose and mouth. There is a small connection piece that connects the tube from the machine to the mask. This mask is made from TPU plastic that is more flexible than the regular plastic used for 3D printing. The connection piece is made from ABS plastic so that it’s secure on the mask, letting no medicine escape before getting inhaled. The medicine should help if someone has asthma and needs help opening the airways to breathe in oxygen. It gives people with asthma opportunities to become astronauts.

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