For the Future Engineers Mars Medical Challenge, I created a toothbrush. The toothbrush is made from PP Homopolymer, as this type of plastic holds it’s shape well, but is pliable and won’t harm a user’s gums A toothbrush is a much needed necessity in the average life of humans, with a new toothbrush being needed every couple months. In Mars,the astronauts will not have an easily accessible area to buy toothbrushes, therefore, 3D-printed toothbrushes would be an easy way to maintain oral hygiene without wasting time and space in the spaceship. A 3D-printed toothbrush would allow the astronauts to print off their own individual toothbrushes if they wanted and could compose them of different materials based on their personal preference. The 3D printer is only a few steps away, so a new toothbrush would be easily accessible to astronauts and would allow for a more comfortable, hygienic, and safer trip into the depths of the universe.

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