As the name of this clearly states, this is a sponge needle. You must provide the little sponge tablets that will go inside the syringe. The tablets are supposed to expand when they touch any type of liquid or moisture and absorb it. The needle is just a way to safely get into the wound and get as far down into it as possible to stop the bleeding from the source. For example, you accidentally trip in the spaceship and bump into something and your arm gets sliced open and you start to bleed uncontrollably. With this syringe, you will be able to quickly and safely close the wound and stop the bleeding so you won't pass out from excessive blood loss. As a result, you will be a healthy and happy astronaut always and won't have to worry about bad cuts or wounds ever again. The Sponge Needle is something you would want on your trip to Mars. Luckily, it’s right at your fingertips, thanks to 3D printing!

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