There is microgravity In space, and you can lose your bone and muscle strength because there is no resistance. After that, your bones and muscles can become very weak and can easily crack and break. NASA says that, “1% of your bone and muscle strength is lost every month”. The astronauts are going to be on a ship for 36 months and back again and they will not know if their bones are strong or weak. My solution is to make a small device that you put your fist on the scale as hard as you can and it will tell you if your muscle or bone is very weak. This works by measuring load force except you are not weighing things, you are putting force on the device. This device is 6 by 6 inches. You connect the device to your computer to see what your results are. This will be made on a 3D printer by printing the border and then printing the insides. The material that this is made out of is titanium and copper because titanium is strong and they are putting their fist on it as hard as they can.

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