The Modular Cast is a unique cast that can be wrapped around any body part for supporting the bones if it has low density or a fracture. Since it’s a module, it can be used by extending it into both directions circular or cylindrical. For example, a ring made by interlocking the modules, can be extended sideways creating a cylinder. These modules can wrap around any shape, such as a cone, and it will mold into its shape. Basically, it can be used for any medical purpose, mainly a cast, which can be used for any injured body parts. The main advantage of the Modular Cast is that it can be reusable. What if the material that the 3D printer is using runs out? In order to solve this problem, these modules can be disassembled and reused again for any shape. Additionally, these pieces can be carried in large amounts, since the gravity on Mars is weaker than the gravity on Earth. In conclusion, my Modular Cast has multiple medical purposes, reusable, and portable.

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