In space voyage to Mars, a surgeon must use different surgery tools that need to be secured to prevent blood and fluid contamination. The Space Surgical Tray is a device that can help the surgeon in space to easily keep two surgical tools in closed space to prevent fluid contamination on board, while at the same time making switching tools easier. The two claws will close when the tools pushed down, and by pulling up the tool, the claw will open. Two separate storage boxes are used to keep used needle/suture and sterile bandage. The device is equipped with a clamp that can be placed in two different positions to keep the tray from moving. If more tools need to be stored, astronauts can print another tray with its claws and connect it together with other tray using the slide joint. The material used is nylon due to its strength and good flexibility, while the claw grip (the blue objects) can be printed in flexible thermoplastic polyurethane to adapt to the tool shape.

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