Shouldn't the first interplanetary explorers be able to see the red planet? According to NASA, astronauts become near sighted over time because microgravity changes their intracranial pressure. Videbimus (Latin for we will see) Digital Glasses 3d printed in ABS solve this problem. In front, two cameras record what the astronaut is looking at. Then computers in the integrated circuit board, distort the images to compensate for astronauts near nearsightedness. In the back, screens display the distorted images so that the user can marvel at the red planet with crisp focus. Videbimus is more practical than traditional glasses for a journey to Mars because users can change its focus via software. Instead of bringing along hundreds of traditional glasses to counteract the gradual degradation in astronauts vision, astronauts can print just one Videbimus and then change its settings. Also, using Videbimus eliminates the trial and error associated with finding the correct lenses.

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