The medical tool that I had chose to design is a needle. I believe this would be of help in space exploration because it can help people object medicine, used to find exact measurements, and help people eat liquidated food if one mass decreases. My needle will help people that can't process their food and are having a hard time keeping it done. People in space need to get the proper nutrition for them to stay healthy and so they don't die or be unhealthy. When you come back from space your body will feel horrible so if you don't take everything you need to then you will have even worse pain or death situations. This needle is very easy to take and it goes into your body easier so their will be less pain and the fluids will go into you easier. The numbers telling you how many ounces you put in are bigger so you can make sure you get the right amount. My needle will make space exploration easier so the astronauts can make the long trip.

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