A syringe will help the astronauts in space because if they use a medicine cup, the liquid will float out of the cup. So that the liquid can’t come out of the container, I added a cap for the tip. My design includes a clear piece with measurements, a yellow cap, and another yellow piece to push the medicine through the clear piece. If the cap is off, the medicine will come out, but if it is on then the liquid won’t. This way there will be no spills and no liquid floating around the shuttle or space. Also this instrument will be another way to stay healthy to give you the right amount of medicine. Hopefully my design will help the space mission be successful in many ways. In my research on zero-gravity, I know that liquid will bubble up and float around, so I tried to figure out how to change the style of a syringe. All I did though, was add a cap. It will also prevent the waste of medicine. This way they won’t run out of supplies in space because you can’t 3-D print out medicine.

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