My device is a brace that can be expanded to fit onto both arms and legs. The brace has only has two bars, going along the top and bottom, to allow access to the skin around it. This means, that an injury can be secured with this brace and then treated by a fellow astronaut without having to remove the brace. On the top, is a square that can be used to attach a wound closure device that is off to the side. To use this, you simply place both ends on either side of the wound and pull the bar through the other hole, causing the skin to come together and heal quicker. As this is separate, you can print this by itself as needed. By having an open area along with the device for wound closure someone can easily treat another person who has any sort of broken bone, cut, deep or not, or any sort of burn. My device will use ABS plastic for printing. Hopefully by using my brace, medical dilemmas that arrive on a journey to Mars could be fixed easily and efficiently by the astronauts.

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