My invention here is called The Gravinator. This is a machine that’s approximately 6 x 6 x 6 inches that will be able to manipulate the force of gravity in space. The way this machine is designed is that it’s a metal box that simulates gravity in space. It projects a magnetic field over a coordinated area with cameras and has a spinning generator inside to create centrifugal force. With this, it simulates the gravity we have here on Earth, which prevents astronauts from having muscle/bone loss. It truly fulfills the need to be able to work in space and not have to deal with struggle and physical damage. It can all print in one go, but might need a reprint of the motor, as it might wear out. It’s designed to be used consistently, and if need be, could be salvaged for other needs. Now, you can feel at home, while millions of miles from it.

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