My invention is made to help astronauts who could have dental emergencies on Mars. The astronauts that are going on this journey will not have a dentist with them so they will need to solve dental problems on their own. My invention was inspired by a pocket knife. However, instead of sharp, knife tools, it holds a numerous amount of dental prevention tools, and emergency tools. The emergency tools have a purpose of fixing any urgent dental concerns. However, these emergency tools should only be used if prevention tools fail to stop all serious dental problems. The Dental Pocket Knife’s items fold will into the main console of the invention just like a typical pocket knife would do. There will be a manual separate from my invention which teaches astronauts how to use each item correctly. However, most of the tools are basic enough to be recognizable. The current model of the Dental Pocket Knife will be focusing on solving or preventing cavities and other dental issues.

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