I designed my submission, the Nasal Cleanser, to be used in microgravity. Without the pull of the Earth beneath you to clear your sinuses, astronauts can get a large buildup of mucus. While the Nasal Cleanser will not treat the underlying cause of a clogged nose, which is an inflammation of the nasal tissue, it can treat one of the symptoms which is an excess of mucus. To use the Nasal Cleanser, insert the part labeled A into the chamber labeled B so that the bottom of A is flush with the bottom of B. Insert the device into the nostril, and pull the handle of A. The device will utilize suction and the mucus will drain into the chamber. After usage on one nostril, slide part A back up and use a small bio-hazard baggie to dispose of the mucus. Repeat the steps for the second nostril. The Nasal Cleanser should be printed with ABS plastic, at an extruder temperature of 230°C. The Nasal Cleanser is designed for the average human nose, but the design can be modified on a per-person basis.

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