The roller is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic. It’s a cylinder with a handle on both sides. It’s 5.356” long and 1.5” wide. In space your muscles are not in use because everything is weightless, and they become weak. A roller softens the tissue and allows disturbed tissue to functionally move. When you return to Earth and use the roller it will make your muscles not cramp or feel tight. Cramps can tear your muscles and tissues, which can worsen your pain and have long lasting effects. Muscle is everywhere so it can happen in any part of the body.If your muscle tears in space, you have no doctor to help you, the effects can be permanent. Possible complications while in space include muscle spasms, limited amount of movement, athletic abilities decrease,and more. Most problems can be temporary if treated. This might even make you unable to continue your career as an astronaut. The roller will prevent this from happening and save an astronaut from losing their job.

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