I am devising a multi-purpose medical kit. A 3-year mission to Mars will need a number of tools to diagnose and treat maladies. The reflex hammer (A) checks neurologic wellbeing. The hollow space of the hammer allows storage of other ‘bits’ (6). This can also be used as a mechanical device to repair the spaceship. To check sensations, I have neurological probes (D). One of the ‘bits’, the nasal speculum apart from aiding nasal exam, can prevent snoring. Some bits allow ship repair & dental care, for probing & cleaning (C). For emergency care, like a broken leg, the medical bricks (4) can make a splint of various lengths. They can be joined to make a case for cold or hot packs. More of these (4) can be printed as well. In addition to all this, the whole contraption (B) can be clamped (3), to a belt or any surface. My Mars Medical Kit is a handy tool & aids diagnostic, preventive, emergency health care. With all these benefits, NASA can’t afford not to use this design.

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