The medical device I designed is called a Nasal Aspirator. Traditionally, they’re used for newborns who can’t blow their own noses. But, the one I designed is used for adults. It’s known that in space, you develop a lot of fluids in your nasal area. So, instead of carrying a bunch of tissues with you, you can use this device to clean out your nose. The structure is similar to a tube, and its squeezable. To use, you stick the long part into your nostril (painless). While you do this, squeeze the rectangular base. Once it's in your nose, release the rectangular base so it collects all of the fluid. It's convenient, and since there are no trees in space to make wood into paper into tissues, it's better to carry with you. What inspired me to design this is knowing how bothersome it is to constantly have to blow your nose. It can also irritate your nose holes. My Nasal Aspirator is guaranteed to not irritate your nose. It is a great device to bring to space instead of tissues.

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