This ankle brace would be useful on a Mars Mission because ankle injuries are common, both here and in space. Although there is no gravity, you could still bump into walls and hurt your ankle. Some injuries could include a sprained or broken ankle. This brace would allow the astronauts to keep working, but it would protect the ankle from further injury. The brace would be made of steel metal. This brace has five steel rods 1/16 inches square each, with four steel rings that are connected by the rods. On the bottom, there are two steel platforms that will support the ankle and foot. This material will be firm enough to let the ankle heal, but the design would allow for some movement. Based on my research, this device would be useful to NASA and has not yet been submitted for the challenge. The brace also allows for flexibility, but it ensures the brace is still sturdy and protective. This ankle brace heals and protects all ankle injuries on a trip to Mars, keeping the astronauts safer.

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