My design for the Mars Medical challenge was a special foot clamp, called the Futuristic, orthographic, organic, technology. Also known as The F.O.O.T. The F.O.O.T will attach to the exercise bike in the space station. I read that exercise is very important in space. Because of the different conditions in space astronauts must exercise everyday. The F.O.O.T that I designed is a new way for the astronauts to easily use the space bike. It is tied to you foot than it attaches to another piece that will attach to the bike. It is easy to use and only requires a strap to attach it to your foot. The material that the foot clamp is made of is the aluminum so it does not break. This contraption is worth giving our school a 3D- printer because it is a very simple device and object has changed the world in many ways and has revolutionized space exercise.

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