In Space, your joints will become weak one way or the other. If you happen to sprain or break your finger or toe, this will do just the trick. It has a small, simple design, but my Multi Purpose Brace has a well thought design for it's purpose and will change space safety forever. The middle half cylinders will be made of cloth so they wrap around your finger rather than poking it. The outer half cylinders and bottom plate can be made of Carbon Fiber for rigidity. The resistance is for protection so there is no injury during healing. To use, simply slide it onto your finger or toe. This works because the cloth fits smoothly and slides on well. The carbon fiber allows you to slide your finger through normal objects without difficulty. It will be very useful for any circumstance and will not bother you if you have a space suit on. There is no need to plug it in because all the needs are only from the printer. Nobody has made a brace quite as unique and thought out. Nothing can beat it.

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