It will take the astronauts three years to get to Mars. Especially with zero gravity the astronauts will most likely bump into things and get big scrapes. “Isolated from family and friends, exposed to radiation that could increase your lifetime risk for cancer, a diet high in freeze-dried food, required daily exercise to keep your muscles and bones from deteriorating” NASA My model is a bandage. When the astronauts are working and they get a cut then they can make a bandage with a 3D printer and put it on his or her cut. This bandage will be made with plastic. The bandage will be in a shape of a bracelet. At one point of the bracelet there will be padding made to suck up the blood. To make the bandage the astronauts will print the links and connect the links to the size that fits the cut and then put the padding on it. The padding will be made with cloth, that the astronauts will bring with them.

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