When it comes to the health of astronauts, constant monitoring is critical. That is what my invention, “BioBots,” does. BioBots are a collection of small external sensors made to read and transmit specific biological data. They would read: Radiation Blood Content Hydration Bone density/marrow Health of major muscles/organs Brain waves/hormones To measure this data, the BioBot sensors implement multiple methods of reading biological data used today, such as: Small needles, used by Dexcom Light waves, used by Nobo Microfibers in clothing, used by NTT Data The sensors, often (but not always) attached to the astronauts’ skin using existing adhesives (I use some of them myself), transmit data to a receiver wirelessly. The receiver logs the data, and sends it back to earth for evaluation, or displays it to the astronaut. It may also act, in some cases, on the data itself, in the same way as a LOOP glucose controller acts upon an insulin pump.

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