It may be cool to experience eating food in an open zero gravity environment, but after a while, this experience may not appeal to these astronauts due to inefficiency and struggle of this ordeal, which is proven by research. To fix this problem, the Bound Spoon was designed; specifically for this zero gravity space environment. This appliance will enfold substances placed into this sphere/spoon. It is intended to capture and help astronauts consume food without without arise of the dilemma of food drifting afar. It can also be used as a tool to hold small pieces such as screws or bolts so the astronauts do not lose or misplace important items. Also, the Bound Spoon includes a hole by the end of the handle therefore it can be hooked onto anything if needed. It has a small lever to open/close the device. It is a two part print and snaps together prior to use. Only limited by the user’s imagination, the Bound Spoon will come into tremendous use on the mission to Mars.

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