Astronauts have to cope with high-risk, high-pressure situations on an average basis. They are being constantly monitored, challenged, and trained. In environments especially like these, they must prioritize their mental health. What NASA impresses on astronauts most is against panic. If they don’t back their mental hardwiring up, the infinite oblivion of space can easily overwhelm them. So, what’s an astronaut to do? They can rely on the Memento Alleviator! It can hold more than just pictures with its exterior design. They can place letters from loved ones, certificate accomplishments, and personalize it however they chose. Inside it comes with a storage compartment topped with a lid to secure. The cubic capsule consists of durable ABS-M30. The capsule lid is nylon 12. The snap fits that can hold mementos inside are transparent resin. Our extraterrestrial explorers are able to restore purpose, make finer decisions, and aid the overall integrity of their missions with this device.

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