The D/MS is a state of the art invention that can help astronauts on their perilous journey to Mars to create a new home. With the laser technology built at home on Earth and the elastic band 3-D printed up in Mars, this device aids in recording the amount of bone density and muscle mass you lose while in micro-gravity. The D/MS will fall into the routine tests category and the participants will be able to wear it at all times. The laser technology will use an infrared light to look where the human eye cannot. Then it will process the information onto a rectangular screen easy enough to understand and interpret. The screen will be connected to an elastic band that won’t rub up against your skin and irritate it. Each year spent in smaller gravity than Earth results in the decline of muscle and bone density 1%. With the D/MS, we can keep up with this problem and prevent future discomfort and even prevent future problems for our astronauts.

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