In space, many accidents may occur that require medical attention. Some require as much as surgery. My device, The Surgical Re-tractors, are used during a surgical procedure. It has chipped metal at the bottom and has a knob to adjust the length of the tool. There are cylindrical holes at the tops of each pillar which are used to lock the device easier by placing a bar in the holes. While the patient is being operated on, you would place the device in the wound and adjust it to fit. While the device is in, the wound will stay open and make the surgery go smoother. The Surgical Re-tractors are made from chipped stainless steel, and lock easily. When you adjust the tool, you turn the knob to the right to expand and to the left to contract. After the surgery, you loosen the knob and remove the tool. Then they could use the tool to clasp the wound together, making the stitching progress smoother. This device is easy to clean, and keep sterile. This is my submission.

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