My Mars Medical challenge device is a hearing aid. It is made nylon it is strong,flexible, and durable. It would be useful in space because hearing loss is a problem astronauts are having. This will make sure that astronauts will be able to hear the world when they come back from space. Studies show that astronauts who even took one shuttle mission could cause a lot of hearing loss and a smaller permanent hearing loss. You put it the hearing aid in your ear. It is used to help your hearing. Hearing is important when going to Mars. If you can't hear anything how will you communicate with the people you are working with. If someone is hurt during the mission and you can't hear them how could you tell if they got hurt. If you were on Mars and the person you are working with fell and broke his/her legs. How could you know if they broke their legs without telling you. If the people you were working with wanted you to some it would be hard to communicate without hearing them.

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