I created a pair of laser eye surgery glasses. The lasers are reflected onto mirrors and the mirrors follow the eye’s movements. There are cameras on the lasers that look into the mirror and tell a robot arm where to move. This is important because if an astronaut is somehow blinded during work, they can’t skip their job, so the astronauts will need to be working while the glasses do their work. My machine will be made out of clear plastic for the lenses, metal for the robotic arms, and plastic for the arms that connect the glasses to the lenses. The lasers will be connected to the glasses through a band that goes around the top of the head, which will also be made out of pliant plastic. The glasses will be powered through a 9-volt battery which is connected by wires that lead to the robotic arms, the lasers, and the tracking cameras. The eyes make tiny movements every second, and the camera will need to pick up these movements, or else serious damage to the eyes could occur.

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