Extended space travel exposes astronauts to microgravity.It causes issues like bone and muscle deterioration, extra liquids in the skull and immune system changes.These issues lead to other problems such as vision loss, more calcium in the body and brain pressure.Tubing can be used for IVs.The needles help get to the veins and arteries, while the bag helps hold the liquids or gases.In space, tubing could check someone's health by a blood test.“Intravenous (IV) solution from purified space station cabin water, and then mix it with salt crystals to produce normal saline for medical administration”(NASA).The tubing may be made from nylon because nylon is flexible, durable, light, strong, can be exposed to a high temperatures and transparent.Flexibility, durability and lightness make it transported easily.If it is transparent it can see differences from the gases and liquids.The needle would be made from titanium for strength and printed separately from other part of the 3D model.

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