On earth is someone's heart stops beating you can just give them CPR right? You can't do CPR in a weightless environment without the person floating away. What I designed will help that. The light purple piece is where you would place the person. The piece is curved to fit around the person's back and in the two slits you would place a belt that fits all waist sizes. The darker purple piece would be mounted into a wall. The light purple piece has “ prongs” on the back that would clip into the holes in the darker piece. The holes in the darker piece are the exact width of the prongs on the lighter piece, but they are not the exact length away from each other as the prongs are, so when you slide the lighter piece in it has to pinch in the tighter space. Then there's a space in the dark purple piece that allows the prongs to pop open in place. My design is made out of ABS plastic. ABS plastic is flexible, strong, and is heat resistant.

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