To aid with the oral hygiene process of astronauts, I have come up with a dental gadget with six different uses besides the normal toothbrush holder. There is the scaler, the interdental pick, tongue scraper, reusable proxabrush, toothpick, and reusable floss pick. For the sake of understanding the whole picture, the toothpick, proxabrush, and floss pick are designed on the .STL file as well (these parts however, are not intended to be 3D printed). The toothbrush is also a reusable function in that the gadget really just has a toothbrush head holder so that any brand of toothbrush head can be fitted on and used. Overall, all the parts that should not be 3D printed are labelled white (in the design image). The blue-labelled pieces are intended to be printed in plastic while the silver/chrome parts are to be metal. This print is to be aided with an astronaut’s own supply of proxabrush heads, toothbrush heads, floss picks, and toothpicks.

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