Mars consists of 95.32% Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and only 0.13% Oxygen, while on earth it’s 21% oxygen. On Earth CO2 is converted into breathable oxygen through photosynthesis. Greenery mainly helps with this procedure. To make the Mars Mission possible, we need to create a device that mimics this process. My creation takes the Carbon Dioxide on Mars and converts it into breathable oxygen while producing drinkable water. The device is cube shaped and is surrounded by solar panels for power. The materials are titanium (coils), aluminum (paneling), and ABS plastic (battery/tubing). The components used for my invention have been proven to work. CO2 comes in through a pipe and is zapped by a high powered ultraviolet laser; turning it into oxygen. Some of it is used to breathe and the other portion is used to make water, which uses hydrogen and oxygen. This tool consists of a compartment for hydrogen; on demand some of it is released and converges with the oxygen to create clean water!

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