The Blood Run Test is used to test the astronaut’s glucose levels. Their blood sugar will calculate how much glucose is in their system. That will help them regulate what to eat and their exercise. They have to exercise daily anyway to keep their body strong in zero gravity. It looks like a car key. The test strip will stick out like the actual key. Then, there will be a crystal display screen like a calculator screen. Those will read off the glucose numbers. The tool will be made out of thermoplastic resins, polysulfone, a liquid crystal display, a thermocouple, a 1-Wire sensor, and stainless steel. The test strips are made of a circuit, adhesive layer, and plastic. The lancet is made up of thermoplastic resins and stainless steel. The thermoplastics make up the body. The body shows the numbers and is what you hold on to. The numbers will be made by the thermocouple, polysulfone, and liquid crystal display. The stainless steel and 1-Wire sensor make up the lancet to prick your finger.

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