My medical device is the Toothbrush 2.0. My device consists of two things. One is a toothbrush and the other is an exercise grip. The toothbrush is light blue, dark blue, and white. The exercise grip is hard object with a soft covering to protect your hands. It is dark blue in color. It comes with a light blue case. These colors are standard but can be changed. The toothbrush is detachable so you can replace it about every 3 months, or sooner, if necessary. The exercise grip is to exercise your hand muscles. My device is useful because you would need to use it everyday to keep your teeth and other parts of your mouth clean to stay healthy. You need to exercise everyday to keep you muscles healthy. In space, your muscles and bones lose density. NASA says that exercising while in space is very important to prevent muscle and bone loss and that the astronauts exercise two hours per day. I will be using is PLA plastic to except for the covering of the exercise grip which will be foam.

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