Look at blue object only! A finger splint is used to be able to help someone, like an astronaut. If astronauts get their finger sprained then they wouldn’t be able to use that hand when they have to pick up stuff. Eventually, their finger will break because of the pressure on the finger, when they do things, like pick up rocks to examine them. This finger splint has more protection than any of the other ones, because it has more protection around the sides: it goes from the bottom to the top on both sides, but the sides aren’t touching at the top so it doesn’t make your finger loose blood connection. If an astronaut were to sprain their finger, then they should definitely 3D print this finger splint, because it will save them from breaking their finger. This finger splint will also prevent an astronaut from getting their other fingers sprained, because if they aren’t using that hand for a little while, then it will make sure that none of the other fingers will get sprained.

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